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Spaceships seen near Henlow!

Yes, we will have two spaceships visiting Henlow Bridge Lakes on Saturday 22nd September 2018 prior to running the ring this year as part of a 1000 strong cruise around the M25 on Sunday 23rd September.

All the way from the Netherlands is Liah Mineere and her best friend Els.

They will be joined by Ellen Veen Sevink and Bert in their own Spaceship.

With people heading for the M25 from all over the country are these the only Spaceships attending, and will they have travelled the farthest?

After raising £26,000 for charity last year the team and members at Run The Ring are sure to smash this amount in 2018 and the charity this year which will benefit is 'Brainwave'.

Some members will camp the day before at various campsites, one of which is ours.

Distance from South Mimms Starting point: 28 Miles Time to starting point: 35 Minutes Leave time to start point on Sunday: 07:25am Facilities: Toilets & Showers Total spaces: 50 Camp Leaders: Tracy & Pete Wilkes Donation of £25 will be payable to:

The runners wishing to stay with us can book directly via this link...

It's not just Spaceships, every kind of VW will be there amongst the expected 1000 runners this year and we are expecting to have at least 50 camping with us beforehand, with a nice video of them leaving on the morning of the cruise. Click here to visit and join the Run The Ring Facebook Group. Video of last years members leaving our site.


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