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Our new ANPR gate access system.

One of the biggest changes to our site in 2017 was the introduction of an 'Automatic Number Plate Recognition' (ANPR), camera controlled access system.

This state of the art security system was brought in to improve safety and security for everyone on site.

How does it work?

All visitors to our site must have their number plate registered with our system which will allow the gates to open as the camera picks up their number plate on approach. Drive slowly towards the gate and stop a couple of feet away, the camera (not a sensor) should pick you up and the gate will open, or the barrier will lift after a short time. If the gate stays closed, reverse back, if it's safe to do so and try again, but do not try to force it open by driving right up to it as this will just cause a lock-out.

The cameras are mounted on poles and work 24 hrs a day. Each vehicle is photographed and can be tracked at the entry and exit using time coded still images and full motion video.

Anyone who is fishing on the big lakes will have limited access to the main, and fishing gate with a cut off time depending on their ticket. Campers and visitors, including clients visiting the on-site hairdressers (Hair Force - salon on the Lakes) will have access to the main gate and the one by reception.

The only people with ANPR access to our caravan storage compound gate are customers who have caravans or camper vans stored there and this area is already monitored with sensors/alarms and 24 hr video recording.

There has been a lot of positive feedback about this project from the families who visit our site and we will continue to improve the system in the future.

All we ask is that you continue to provide us with accurate number plates for all vehicles which are included in your booking, or which belong to visitors. We have also introduced a mailing list to keep guests informed of any special offers or events which are occurring. The mails are only sent out occasionally, and we will not share your information with anyone else, or spam you.



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Edit: A reminder from Lexi Wiley on Facebook that if you tailgate a car through the barrier, your vehicle won't be logged in and it will cause problems when you try to exit the site, so, wait for the barrier or gate to start closing before you enter. Thanks, Lexi.

See you soon campers.


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