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LPG and Autogas

Our current price (August 2022) is 99.5p per litre. Our LPG is available :

9am until 2pm 7 days a week

The Autogas LPG filling bay is situated next to our reception building, at our main entrance. When you arrive please pop in and let us know, as we serve the gas for you.

There is a £10.00 minimum delivery charge so please ensure any bottles are nearly empty before you arrive.

Autogas LPG filling point on Henlow Bridge Lakes Campsite, Bedfordshire.

You can bring your own refillable gas cylinder to fill, but we only allow CE certified refillable cylinders which are clearly marked as refillable.

If you are driving a JustGo motorhome back to their base we are now an even more popular last stop-off point for your adventures as you can fully refill the vehicle before returning it to them with peace of mind and a full gas tank.

If you want to buy a refillable cylinder there are a few options, two of which are Gaslow or Gas It, which we stock in our on site shop.



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