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Stop acting the goat...

...and join Our Pygmy Goat naming competition.

We need our guests 'kids' to help us choose names for our little kids, who will be going out on walks with them this summer.

Someone will win the prize of a camping weekend for two adults and up to four 'kids' at our renowned campsite. (Choice of dates is subject to availability).

The competition is happening on our Facebook page, but you can also send you entries VIA our contact form here...

The rules are simple, make sure that you 'like' our Facebook page then decide on four names for our new arrivals (all boys), post your choices in the Facebook comments section and we will announce the winner on Sunday evening, 6th May during our weekend entertainment at the Roundel.

We will also post the winner on our Facebook page as soon as possible after we announce a winner.

We need all four names to win the prize, so take a look at the pictures of our little goats and name them one to four in our comments section, or you can send your entries VIA the contact form here...

1. Pete

2. Snowy

3. Trevor

4. Becks


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