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New Road Layout

The main site entrance is now the first turning on the left off of the slip road.

It is signed at the entrance.

Anglers for Jordans and Vincents lakes continue to the second turning on the left.

For all returning guests you will have seen we have made lots of changes to our internal road layout. For any first time visitors, we hope you will find our signage clear. The new layout has been introduced to make the entry and exit smoother and to minimise vehicle movements, which in turn makes it much safer for children to run around and have fun. We maintain our 5 Mph speed limit over the whole site.

There is no vehicular access to the shop or the large lakes from the main site. Pedestrians, and anyone using wheelchairs, cycles, pushchairs Etc. will not see any changes. New one way roads and signs are now in place. Please be vigilant for the signage and observant of children playing. 5 MPH


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