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Easter 2019 round-up pictures and videos

We've had a great Easter weekend as usual, but this year we had sunshine and dry weather so no mud sliding shenanigans on the camping fields and it was warm enough to sit out and cook the Sunday roast... Zoe Lewis sent us proof!

Our guests have left us some nice reviews and comments and we had a surge of people clicking the 'Like' button on our Facebook page. Robert Maxwell: "We had a great weekend thank you for all at Henlow Bridge Lakes hard work!"

Charmaine Dominic Luka Fletcher: "My self and the kids had a fab break away we are coming back at Halloween. Thank you to all the henlow bridge lakes team"

Pam Palmer: "Thank you to all the Staff at Henlow. We had a great Easter there. The fishing was good, really enjoyed the activities especially the goat walking an evenings in the Roundel!"

Jenna Newman: "Our first time camping over this bank holiday weekend and myself, my husband and 2 kids (age 10 & 8) had an amazing time, it’s so well managed and clean, the parks are great, lovely walks, the entertainment and activities were perfect, everything has been so wonderful and we will definitely be back."

Caroline Pyner: "Beautiful place great friendly staff and I caught my first 15lb carp"


Easter bonnets were popular with the kids and these young lads, Lee, Matty and Steve made their own and are looking very proud on their pitch.

Thanks Michelle Wells for sending the picture in. :)

Seen below are Claire Rowleys Easter bunnies

Our wonderful guests managed to raise £261 with the Easter raffle in aid of the Keech Hospice, and we had happy winners of holiday weekends in our Scavenger Hunt and Petanque competitions.


One of the nicest, but quickest events of the weekend was the kids Easter Egg Hunt at the Roundel.

Campsite owner Dave Curson was on hand first thing in the morning to hide all the wooden eggs and when the music started the kids exploded out onto the grass area to find and return the wooden 'tokens' to Tosca and Irene, the Chief Chicks.

Each child had at least one egg for their effort, but two of them found the special tokens and had a large Easter Egg for their prize.

Here are the winners, young Callum pictured here with his dad and little Winter, with her mum and family.


Ben Bettson enjoyed his stay with family and friends...

One of our youngest staff members had a hard time trying to avoid bearded ladies and men in frocks, but he was a great sport and lost a few pounds dancing around in the Kids Disco costumes, thanks Luke. :)

Gill Brown has let us use these pics from her family visit, and it looks like they loved the BANGO tractor trailer ride and the goat walking and had some great outdoor cooking.


The goat walking was well attended this weekend and the goats were in fine form and enjoyed the change of scenery from the Island.


There were lots of anglers on site over the weekend with some great catches, and even Dennis our paving expert decided to have a session on the small lakes.


Our resident Canadian Mathew was your BANGO tractor driver this Easter. He's a farming lad who was brought up driving tractors and will have been dreaming of the homestead back in Manitoba as he drove 'round, although the shouts of the kids and the commentary from Caroline will have soon brought him back to reality. :)

It wasn't just the humans enjoying the holiday, there were plenty of happy pets on site this weekend, including these four with regular camper Charlie.

Please don't forget to visit our Facebook page and 'like' the page as it means you will be kept up to date with any offers or important announcements.

Alan of Abacus Events brought his very popular show to the Lakes to entertain the kids and had them (and some parents) worn out after 2 hours.

Finally, a few nice fish from Marius Anghel taken from Jordans Lake the other day.

Thank you for visiting Henlow Bridge Lakes and we look forward to meeting you all again in the future.


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