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36 hours of Carp Chaos!

This blog post is written by a very competent, prolific, young female angler who also writes fishing reports and was good enough to tell us a little about her latest foray with her brother Dylan on Jordans lake.

It was late Friday evening when we arrived at Henlow Bridge lakes, it was just me and Dylan ready to get down to the lake and fish.

We picked up the barrow and took a walk down to Jordan’s lake, the bigger lake of the four.

There were many other anglers fishing but still quite a few swims left to choose from, so we took a long walk round the lake looking for as many signs of carp as we could until we found the perfect spot.

With the temperature reaching 30 degrees the carp were crashing out all over the lake but strangely not many people were catching them.

We finally found the spot we wanted, set a bucket down and went to grab the barrow.

The weather forecast was for rain so we quickly set up our bivvies and bedchairs ready for the 36 hours we had ahead of us,

Once we had set up we flicked a few Boilies out just ahead of us and got our rods into position.

Within 20 minutes we had our first bite and the fish didn’t stop coming! We were having bite after bite after bite, to the point where if we waited 20 minutes for a carp it would be a little bit strange and we knew something was wrong.

We stayed up till 4am with no sleep as the carp wwere madly on the feed! We then thought it was time to reel in our rods and get some sleep. Our alarms were set for 8am and when they went off we woke up and got the rods straight back out again.

We just couldn’t believe the number of carp we were having and the quality of carp we were pulling out.

We were having double and triple takes it was absolute madness!

Throughout the day we were really surprised with the amount of carp we had caught and as it came to 8.30pm we were absolutely shattered and reeled the rods in till the early, early morning as we knew we had to leave that before lunchtime.

We set our alarms for 5am so we could get a few more bites before we had to leave. We absolutely smashed the lake with a total of 101 carp (me having 49 and Dylan having 52) and around 120 runs with the biggest carp being 17lb 8oz.

We packed our stuff and went up to the cafe for a well deserved tea and coffee.

It was safe to say this was one of the most memorable sessions we have ever had and a wonderful lake to fish! We will definitely be back to Henlow Bridge Lakes for sure!

Especially for more of those 20 pounders.

Follow Laurens instagram here... @laurenstanfordfishes

Words and images by Lauren Stanford 2019

Our lakes are open at this time of year from 06.30 until 21.00, all anglers must have a licence, unhooking mat and landing net. Day fishing is on a first come first served basis but night fishing must be pre-booked and swims can't be reserved (except for disabled anglers). This winter we will be introducing a closed season for day ticket and night fishing from 03/12/18 – 01/02/19.


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