Our Fishing Lakes

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At Henlow Bridge Lakes we have a wide variety of busy lakes for our fishers to enjoy all year round! Our River Hiz is open during the ‘open’ fishing season from 16th June to 16th March.

Day and night tickets for the big lakes MUST be booked online. Day tickets for the small canal lakes may be purchased from the shop after 9am daily.

OUR MAIN GATE OPENS AT 8.00am and if you arrive early you will be turned away.


Day Ticket Leisure Fishing

The lakes are set within a mature conservation landscaping scheme which, apart from providing a haven for wildlife, provides a countryside backdrop with wind protection for anglers. Anglers are provided with their own individual swims both singles and doubles. Special easy access facilities for less able persons are also catered for.

We have just finished our winter improvements which included cutting back a lot of overhanging trees to improve the water quality, casting ability and also so we can control litter better.


The lakes and riverside offer a fishing facility suitable for all ages and cater for everyday leisure anglers who wish to pursue their sport surrounded by countryside. The lakes and riverside have a car parking area and toilets close to many swims.


Match Fishing

All lakes are available for matches, charity events, special needs groups or corporate days, excluding Summer Bank Holidays. Only one lake is available at any one time for match fishing. Concessionary rates available Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 17:30 for charity or special needs groups.


Night Fishing

Night Fishing must be booked online for periods starting at 8:00am to 7.30:pm the following day and you must arrive onsite by 4pm.
It is available subject to there being no match fishing on the same lake on the following day.

An Environmental Agency Licence is required for everyone over 12 years old. For more information please read our Fishing rules here or call us on 01462 812645. Enquiries can also be made using our contact form here.

Jordan's Lake

Our Vincent’s and Jordan’s Lakes were created in 2002 and are close to the River Hiz, which also forms part of the anglers choice for fishing. Jordan’s Lake covers 4.9 acres with two central islands. Predominantly stocked with Carp (to 25-30lbs) and Tench (to 5lbs). The best catch to date is 190lbs in a day session.







Vincent's Lake

Vincent’s Lake covers 1.55 acres with several interesting corners. Stocked with all-natural species - Rudd, Roach, Bream, Gudgeon, Crucian, Common and Mirror Carp to 15lbs. The lake has 8 single (including disabled) and 8 double swims. The best catch to date 101lbs of fish in a 4-hour match session.



















River Hiz

The River Hiz is 1067 metres of riverbank with interesting shallow and deep stretches of water. Not heavily fished but has Roach, Chubb, Perch (to 2.5lbs) and Pike to 12lbs (caught). A real challenge to the pioneering river angler. In England and Wales the close season for coarse fish (including pike) is between March15th and 15th June inclusive.


Roger’s Lake

This is a canal lake with sixteen swims specifically designed for less-abled anglers requiring easy walking or wheelchair access and ideal for pole, rod or ‘short’ ledger fishing. Each swim has a double platform with safety rails and disabled WC and wet room (in Hayward’s Amenity Block) within 40 metres of the furthest swim. The lake is stocked with native species, crucian, chubb, rudd, roach, bream, gudgeon and perch ranging from annual spawning up to 10lb.


Younger’s Lake

Another ‘canal’ lake of nine double platforms specifically designed with the younger angler in mind, who may require training or supervision. Parking is close by for supervisors. The lake is stocked as Roger’s Lake.



Please note that all guests require a valid ticket (Buy one at our shop on entry).

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