Site Management Fishing rules

All anglers report to the shop on arrival during opening hours only.
If you arrive early, please do not block our main gate or the access road.

Night fishing is by prior booking ONLY. 

Only one guest is allowed with each angler, chargeable at published rates.

All lakes are available to hire for matches and private sessions, please phone 01462 812645

for availability and prices.

24 hr toilet/washroom facilities are provided near reception and must be used. Please do not use the facilities inside our main block (muddy boots)!

Full range of bait and tackle available from our on-site shop.
HBL ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or accident sustained from vehicles, equipment, the waters or footpath, whilst camping, visiting or fishing from the site. 
HBL ltd reserve the right to request any person breaching the camping or angling site management rules to leave the site.

From February 2020 we have banned the use of bank sticks on our site.

• There is a 5 mph speed limit on the entire site.

• Vehicle registration numbers must be provided at Reception on arrival and appropriate fees paid, to allow site ANPR access.

• Use landing mats/nets at all times on any swim where you are fishing. No mat, no net, no fishing.
• River fishing only during the season.
• An environment agency rod fishing licence is required Click here to buy one.
• Retain fishing ticket whilst fishing and produce on request of bailiff or any HBL staff.
• Do not tailgate through ANPR controlled access gates
• Dip keep & landing nets
• No lead core or unleaded lead core or lead core alternatives. (safe zone style leaders and tubing can be used as an alternative).
• No braided mainline or shock leaders.
• No Spodding, no surface fishing.

• Maximum mainline breaking strain 20lbs.
• Keep nets are not permitted except for prior arranged matches.
• No wading or swimming in lakes.
• No rods to be left unattended in the water (no more than one swim away).
• You must not stand up and hold fish for photographing. The fish must be held as close to the ground and unhooking mat as possible and returned to the lake in a net.
DO NOT throw fish back in, return them gently.
• Do not obstruct footpaths with shelters/ bivvy’s, access is required across the fishery at all times.
• It is an offence to remove or introduce fish to these waters. Anyone found killing and/or removing fish will be prosecuted.
• All litter to be removed from swims. 
Offenders will not be welcome at the HBL fishery. Please use the litter bins provided. 
In the event that we do find litter on your swim, we will contact you and advise accordingly, which may result in a ban.
• ALL vehicles must park in designated areas only. No parking in passing bays or grass access routes.
• Fish only from swim platforms.

• 24 hr toilet facilities are provided for anglers at the side of reception and must be used at all times. Please do not use the ones inside the main block.
• Use barbless hooks only.
• Maximum size 6 hooks.
• No trout pellets, boat bait or floating baits.
• Return all fish immediately (except agreed match fish).
• Do not return crayfish to water (EA Regulation).
• No tents, only recognised fishing shelters, i.e bivvy or umbrella overwraps.
• Please give up disabled platforms if required.
• Dogs on leads/tethers only, and under full control at all times.
• When casting be aware of overhead power cables and walkers on footpaths.
• No audio equipment except when being used with an earpiece.
• No fires or metal tray barbecues.
• No vehicles to drive on grass to swims.
• Anglers and guests must comply with ALL instructions given by HBL staff.


Anybody breaking these rules will be asked to leave the site.

Conservation, Sport & Leisure working together.




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